About Me - A Sculptor's Tale

A Touching Story

As a child, I always wanted to become a Native American when I’d grow up. I practiced a lot. I mean: I went all the way. The tipi, the hiking, the watching countless of (bad and cliched) movies. Big, serious research. And then someone told me that you had to be born an ‘Indian’ to be one.

I was crushed. My life’s plan just went out the window. Now what was I gonna do? I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what a difficult period in my life those two days were; having to let go of my first real dream and finding a new one… that’s not an easy task. Especially when you have a mother who always puts you to bed at seven. But I managed! After thinking for countless minutes, I decided I wanted to be a Musketeer. En garde!

So Who Am I

Even though I’m a bit older now, my goals in life are still as manageable as they were then. Just as straightforward too. I thought a career in health care or education was a noble thing to pursue, and so I studied the arts. After five years of working with computers, I graduated in video game design. So, naturally I became a traditional sculptor.

When I made my first doll, I had no experience with clay modelling whatsoever. But I saw a beautifully sculpted resin creature a friend took with her to school one day and knew that this was what I had to make. I had to become a doll/figure-maker. Sometimes, I guess, you just know what you’re meant to do. Clear as day. Even if it seems like it makes little sense.

I hope my work will speak to you. I hope they will convey the fairy tales I intend them to be. Never stop dreaming- Even if it causes you to make a fruitless trip to Paris, in search for the University of Musketeering. It doesn't exist. …Apparently.

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