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Stories are what inspire me. Stories are what I hope to tell. Although my sculpting style borders on the 'realistic', I have no interest in creating the 'perfect' look. Perfection, I believe, kills character. It is boring. And so, my sculptures are not molded after ideal proportions. They may be too chubby. Too thin. Too angular. Or their faces lack the feminine prettiness that is considered attractive.

Contrast. Another thing that intrigues me. That picture that is both beautiful and terrible, or the scene that has you howling with laughter one moment, then crying your heart out the next. For some reason contrast adds to the emotion we feel. In any case, it shows us that nothing is quite as one-dimensional as we'd like to believe.

While some of this might be considered a political statement of sorts, what I want to achieve with my work is far less elevated. I'd like to spark the imagination. Recreate that feeling we've all known when we open a book, play a game, or watch a movie and some character hooks us completely, either by their charm and kindness, their depravity, or anything in between. There is magic in those moments were we believe in the illusion of a story, even if just for a moment. Hopefully, my work is able to do the same for you.

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